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Theragem - Fusion Light Therapy (Phototherapy) Explained

Although civilisations have benefitted from the principals of FUION LIGHT THERAPY for thousands of years, it is only now that modern science is beginning to understand the true advantages that this effective brand of therapy can bring.

Modern life is full of psychological and emotional challenges, from the stress we experience and our lack of self-esteem, to the processed food and pollution that is all around us, and all of this impacts our health and wellbeing. FUSION LIGHT THERAPY helps the physical body achieve a harmonised balance between mind and spirit by easing the mind into a relaxed Theta state and energising the spleen to clear and filter blood and to boost white blood cell production.

But what therapies does THERAGEM FUSION LIGHT THERAPY use that enables it to have such positive effects for clients all over the world?

Light - THERAGM uses low-level light therapy (LLLT), a science that has its origins in low-level laser therapy. Created in the latter half of the 20th century, LLLT is a brand of light therapy that works with almost all visible light, as well as infrared light. THERAGEM uses LEDs to produce its light frequencies, which reduces cell or tissue damage, penetrates the skin deeper and covers the treatment area more thoroughly. LED Low Level Light Therapy from THERAGEM has been approved by public health agencies worldwide, including the FDA, as being painless, safe and effective.


Colour - The human body has energy points - highly sophisticated centres - that can absorb colours from both white light and natural sunlight. Each colour on the spectrum corresponds to a different energy point and to a different organ in the body. By enhancing the introduction of colour to the body as with THERAGEM, colour imbalances can be corrected, providing the recipient with an immense sense of elation and wellbeing. THERAGEM uses coloured light filters to transmit the colour of the gemstones, emitting powerful, healing energy rays to the client.


Crystaline Energy - Crystals and precious gemstones serve as nature’s storing agent for natural electromagnetic energy. Their differently coloured rays determine the frequency of the energy emitted, positively affecting the body’s cells. Otherwise known as dielectric resonance, this stimulation of crystals using electromagnetic frequencies transfers energy from diseased or energetically imbalanced parts of the body back to the optimum distribution, to ensure that the healthy elements of the client are not being compromised, and therefore weakening the entire body.


Electromagnetic Frequency - Electromagnetic energy exists within everything–from our bodies to the Earth itself–and so by pulsing energy at different frequency rates using crystals and coloured filters, THERAGEM can return the body to a healthier frequency, free from imbalance and disease. THERAGEM uses four ranges of frequencies – Calming, Balancing, Energising and Stimulating.

Calming operates at 1.5 Hz. These are the slow Delta brain waves we experience during sleep, so pain cannot be felt when the brain operates at this level.

Balancing operates at 3.3 Hz. These are the Theta brain waves we experience in a trance-like state and during dreams. Hypnosis induces the Theta states of consciousness and using this frequency will bring about a profound state of relaxation.


Energising operates at 8.3 Hz. These are the Alpha brain waves associated with meditation and a relaxed state of consciousness.

Stimulating operates at 16.5 Hz. These are the fast Beta waves that induce high brain activity. These frequencies are often recognised as brain wave frequencies; however, they travel through the entire body.


By combining natural healing frequencies with colour, light and gemstones, THERAGEM can effectively increase the health of the body’s cells, organs and glands. It does this at a level that is many times more powerful than using these methods in isolation, providing effective and rapid results.


White Noise - Natural white noise originates from the Universal Ether, containing the full range of frequencies audible to the human ear. White Noise can be used to induce a state of relaxation, assist with meditation and to help combat sleep disorders.

Medica Health International Ltd’s specialist team have developed a form of white noise, which create a minute distortion to the delivered frequency. Because the noise is imperceptibly randomised, the body will not become immune to it and then stop responding. This ensures the body has the strongest possible reaction, increasing the therapy’s effects.


Precious Metals - Medica Health International Ltd always strives to keep the frequencies and energies that enter the body as pure as possible during our development of the THERAGEM  Gemcups.

Every Gemcup produced by Medica Health is sealed with 18 carat gold and sterling silver, selected for their purity retention and health-giving qualities. Silver acts as a stabiliser and purifier while gold, as a Master Healer, contributes to the client’s wellness.


This description of THERAGEM is taken from the website: based in England

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